This was a truly magical weekend that we are soooo proud of. I'm not sure how we managed to do so much at such a relaxed pace.
Big thanks to The Sustainable Food Story for catering, Mel of Holistic Mind UK for carrying out our ceremonies and of course Gooseberry Field Campsite for being outstanding hosts.
The weekend included Art Therapy, Pilates, Restorative Yoga, Walking Meditation, Massage, Reiki, Soundbath, Journal Exercises, Full Moon Fire Ceremony and AMAZING Vegetarian Food.
Our 2018 Autumn Retreat in the Cotswolds was a huge success. Our ladies enjoyed restoration, nourishment for body & mind and that much needed time to reflect. 
The weekend included Art Therapy, Pilates, Restorative Yoga, Massage, Crafting, Conversation, Journal Exercises, Country Walks, Wholesome Vegetarian Comfort Food, Movies and Chill, Chill, Chill.


"it feels rare to get the opportunity to spend time in the company of women from different walks of life, but to realise that you all have some core things in common even when it doesn't seem so at first glance. I think that's the main thing I took away from the weekend, the feeling of supporting and being supported by each other"

Emma, South London

"What a wonderful weekend! The perfect amount of movement, connection and relaxation. The food was incredible!" Carmen, Leyton

"I'm so grateful to the Ladyshift team for creating such a unique and restorative weekend experience, and to the women who took part and collectively created the supportive atmosphere. I am still benefitting from the weekend activities. Whether you're in need of a recharge, or simply want to enjoy a weekend away in a beautiful setting, I would highly recommend to everyone!"

Katie, London 

"Thank you so much for this lovely experience. It feels like I spent the weekend with best friends." Dora, Battersea

"Thanks for an amazing weekend Ladyshift crew - you have given me some well needed rest, relaxation and perspective! Til next time." Laura, Spain


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